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A Thrive Health Solutions Franchise is not just Weight Loss, its highly effective Medical Weight Loss.Thrive Health Solutions is a franchise opportunity that provides medically developed and supervised weight loss programs to our clients. We provide the information, tools and support you need to open your location. You don’t have to be a doctor or medical professional to succeed with this rapidly growing business. You can run the Sales and Marketing and we can assist you with providing the Medical Professionals to service your patients. We provide ongoing support to keep you and your team current with effective marketing and operational programs to drive a successful business.

Why Thrive Health Solutions – A Broad Market Opportunity

  • Weight management exceeded $300 billion dollars annually in 2017
  • Obesity prevalence in the U.S. is projected to be at 27%
  • This represents an estimated 72.5 million adults over age 18
  • Medical costs for persons who are obese are estimated at $2497 per year more than those of normal weight
  • Proven Concept To Lose Weight Fast, Safe and Not be Hungry

At Thrive Health Solutions, we understand how difficult aging and weight management can be. We offer highly successful, all natural medically developed and doctor supervised anti-aging and medical weight elimination programs backed by over thirty years of scientific studies and thousands of clinical success stories. With our cutting edge protocols and technologies; we assist our clients in looking and feeling younger and to live longer more balanced and higher quality lives.

Thrive Health Solutions programs involve a wellness evaluation as well as comprehensive specific balanced nutrition and hormone balancing using the most cutting edge all natural and pharmaceutical products available today.

Thrive Health Solutions is a medically prescribed weight loss program. It’s not just another weight loss diet with celebrity spokespeople and bad tasting, expensive food. It is a comprehensive, doctor-guided and personalized approach to weight loss and total wellness.

Thrive Health Solutions offers multiple treatment options from appetite suppressants to hormone therapy, our professional medical staff works together with patients to find the best program for their body, budget and weight loss goals. Our programs include customized diet, nutrition and fitness plans, cutting-edge lab tests, energy-boosting injections and much more.

Thrive Health Solutions offers family-friendly weight loss that makes eating healthy easy and affordable – and doesn’t require patients to have to buy or stock a bunch of expensive, pre-packaged food.

We offer several franchise models so you to choose the one that best fits your business goals.

Three Unique Franchise Opportunities:

Thrive Health Solutions franchise opportunity is designed as a low overhead and ease of operation business meaning minimal build out requirements, minimal equipment, minimal employees to manage and minimal inventory storage and cost.

Thrive Health Solutions Franchise is designed to operate inside existing related businesses or as a stand alone store front. The Office Model works great inside Chiropractors, Physicians, Health Clubs, Day Spas, Tanning Salons and other establishments.

Store Front Model

  • The store front model is a retail business structure. It is located in a high visibility, high traffic office or retail area.
  • Typical franchises are commercial centers, strip centers or buildings on commercial streets with heavy traffic, malls and office buildings.

Office Model

The office plan is a franchise housed within an existing business. An example would be a doctor who offers the Thrive Health Solutions program in addition to his/her medical practice, spa or a health club.
Area and Regional Developer Opportunities are also available
Area and Regional Developer business opportunities are offered for people who in addition to operating a pilot location would like to act as an Thrive Health Solutions representativewithin a defined geographic area to assist with identifying new franchisees and share in the Franchise Revenues Stream.

Affordable Franchise Investment

The initial Franchise Fees start at $75,000 for single unit and $250,000 for a multi unit area developer.

Training and Support

You will receive ongoing support from our expert team at Thrive Health Solutions. The Initial and ongoing support includes:

  • Guided Implementation & Launch Program
  • Marketing and Branding material for all media Print, TV & Internet.
  • Professionally designed Sales process From Phone Scripts to Patient Enrollment Process
  • Protocol Training for you and your staff
  • Operations and Patient Support process
  • Access to a top in the country custom compounding pharmacy and other vendors
  • Real Estate/Site Selection assistance
  • Lease Negotiation assistance
  • Ongoing Operational Training & Support
  • Additional Medical Services and Products

With a Thrive Health Solutions franchise, you benefit from:

  • High income potential
  • Recession resistant; people are always willing to spend money on health & appearance
  • Easy to operate, successful business system to follow
  • Recognizable brand name
  • Large market potential
  • Quality and success of the product
  • Chance to build a trusted relationship with customers
  • Pride of ownership business
  • Excellent in-depth training and a complete sales support system

Advantages of Franchising

Franchising has the ability to capture more of the market share. In the United States, only 8% of retail businesses are franchised. The amazing fact is that the 8% of franchised businesses total over 40% of the retail sales in the United States.
Branding makes it easier to compete with the well-established, independent operators and also against other franchised chains. Consumers believe that when they shop at a brand name store they are buying higher quality products and will receive better service.
By closely following the Thrive Health Solutions franchise system, the franchisee’s chances of success increase. Many thousands of dollars can be saved by the trial and error and experience of the franchiser. The system is usually predictable. Follow it and you should achieve similar results of corporate locations other franchisees.

To be considered for this exciting opportunity, please download and return the complete franchisee application (below).


Neither this website, the franchise sales information on this site, or the franchise application represent an offer to sell a franchise. The offer of a franchise can only be made through the delivery of a franchise disclosure document. Certain states require that we register the franchise disclosure document in those states. We are not directing the communications on this web site to the residents of any of those states. Moreover, we will not offer or sell franchises in those states until we have registered the franchise (or obtained an applicable exemption from registration) and delivered the franchise disclosure document to the qualified prospective franchisee that complies with applicable law. *Results may vary. Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or mitigate any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA/FTC. ‡Certain Restrictions Apply. See Your Thrive Health and Wellness LLC dba Thrive Health Solutions LLC representative for full details.

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I lost 70 lbs with the help of thrive! This program works!

Rachel Burgett

- I lost 70 lbs!

Awesome staff and the best quality HCG out there (yes, there is a difference among other HCG providers). The lipoextreme injections are top notch, as well!!

Monica Porterfield

- Awesome staff!

After gaining weight due to rheumatoid arthritis and prescription medication I had lost all hope of losing the weight. Until my daughter and I went to Thrive. Now I am losing the weight and eating a cleaner healthier diet. Now I can see and feel the difference in my body and I couldn’t be happier!


- Definitely Happy!

I was so happy with my experience with Thrive! not only did I receive support, but the hgc diet made it easy to accomplish the weight loss without hunger! I was able to successfully lose 50lbs with the hgc diet and nutrition that I had learned!! I am so grateful to Doug and Lanie for showing me that this was possible! I recommend this program to anyone who is struggling with weight loss!! Thank you guys!!!

M Plane

- LOVE IT!!!!!

I went to Thrive after one of my employees successfully lost weight with their program. I was a little skeptical at first. However, the staff answered all of my questions, were very friendly and made me believe that I could accomplish the weight loss. In the first 15 days, I lost 17 pounds! It is true. It was a little more expensive than any other program I tried. However, it was worth it. I’m eating healthier. Because of the weight loss, I have more energy so now I work out. I can’t wait to get to the end of the program. The shakes they have are great and the bars are amazing.

K Hawk

- AMAZING Results

My experience with Thrive Health Solutions has been extremely positive. It started with my first phone call to get some initial information. Doug took my call and spent at least 30 minutes giving me a comprehensive explanation of the program and answering every one of my questions. I needed to lose 15-20 pounds and decided to give it a try. Eight weeks later, I’m over 20 pounds lighter and have never felt better. I have more energy, look and feel so much healthier and happily fit into my favorite jeans again.

J Dovw


The saddlebags, The cellulite. When I started gaining back the weight of a 50lb weight loss on my own (an 8year struggle) I FOUND THRIVE ! Adding the HCG treatment broke through that plateau and I dropped that “pain in the a** fat” 14lbs the 1st 2 weeks. Total loss so far, 25 lbs in 10 months of that hard to loose stuff, I was shocked because my butt actually shrank! You know that annoying area right above your hips. I now see muscle and bone there. I’ve never had such instant gratification on a diet before. This was such an easier process to go through with the fat burning punch of HCG and the loving support that I always wanted.

Felicia H


This does work!!! I have lost over 25 lbs and am extremely happy. While it is a challenge, it is well worth the reward!!



I’m losing weight quickly and it’s mostly belly fat! Which I am absolutely thrilled about! They are very helpful and seem to really care that the program works.

K Beethe

- Love It!

I exercise, eat right and still couldn’t drop those hard to lose pounds. After losing 23 pounds with little hunger and no pain; thank you for giving me my life back!

Coni C

- Lost 23 lbs, size 8 to size 4
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